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Tributaries Series 6 USB A to USB B Audio Cable

R1,000.00R1,500.00 Incl. VAT
Many things can introduce timing errors, and cables happen to be one of them. The Series 6 USB cables were designed with this specifically in mind, and the precision twisting techniques used are quite similar to those found on high-end HDMI cables, where the timing is also critical. This is one of many factors that contributes to making a fine quality low-jitter USB cable specifically intended for Audio. 6USB uses heavy gauge signal conductors to lower resistance and dramatically increase signal transfer, thus reducing potential timing errors. USB is a high frequency system by design, with the signal frequency in the GHz range, so Tributaries added silver plating to improve signal transfer by minimizing signal loss due to skin effect. The power conductors are also a much larger gauge, this is to ensure that adequate current is provided to USB audio devices. In addition, separate shielding on the signal conductors prevent noise on the power lines from getting into the signal path. There is also another double set of shields that isolate the entire cable from outside EMI and RFI. Overall, there are many factors that differentiate Tributaries Series 6 from standard USB cables, and listening to them will remove all doubt as to the effectiveness of these special audio-related construction techniques. The Series 6 USB cable is stocked in each in lengths from 1 meter to 2 meter
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