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Yamaha NS P51 Speaker Package

R3,990.00 Incl. VAT
Speaker package including the NS-C51 centre speaker and two NS-B51 surround speakers combines with the NS-F51 to provide high quality sound for a top-class home cinema system.
  • A perfect match for large-screen TVs. A home theatre speaker system that provides full enjoyment of even HD sound sources
  • Low-diffraction rounded form for clear sound free of murkiness
  • A front grille and rounded form with luxurious, upscale design
  • Centre speaker has two 10cm (4ÔÇŁ) cone woofers and a 2.2cm (7/8ÔÇŁ) balanced dome tweeter
  • Surround speakers have an 10cm (4ÔÇŁ) cone woofer and a 2.2cm (7/8ÔÇŁ) balanced dome tweeter
  • Choice of two colours to help you create a high quality home theatre
  • Wall Mountable
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