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QED Performance Audio 40i

R1,560.00R2,500.00 Incl. VAT
Performance Audio 40i with QED Solid Complementary Conductor™ Technology Performance Audio 40i builds on the strengths of the original Performance Audio 40 and delivers an even more enjoyable and convincing sound - without affecting its prodigious value for money. Using the principles laid down in its industry-defining Genesis Report, as well as some startlingly original technology (including the ground-breaking Solid Complementary Conductors), QED has created an interconnect that puts as much distance between itself and its nominal competition as the original Performance Audio 40 did over six years ago.
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QED Profile Audio

R570.00R1,600.00 Incl. VAT
The award-winning Profile Audio cable delivers amazing sound quality combined with high flexibility for use with today's slimline audio and visual equipment. The award-winning Profile Audio cable is a high-performance compact and flexible stereo phono to phono interconnect to connect your portable or mini hi-fi components to your amplifier or receiver. All QED cables are covered by a lifetime guarantee
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QED Signature Audio 40

R6,600.00R9,360.00 Incl. VAT
The groundbreaking Signature Audio 40 analogue audio interconnect celebrates QED's 40 years at the forefront of British designed audio cables Signature Audio 40 is an entirely new design concept from QED laboratories. The cordage is designed primarily for low capacitance as this has been identified by QED as a significant factor leading to a high fidelity experience and makes for a tight sound retaining the rhythm of the original piece. Add our Complementary Conductor TechnologyTM for high-frequency detail and our Analoc TechnologyTM to maximise signal integrity and the result is what we feel to be the most innovative interconnect ever made by QED. Please see our 'cables matter' section below for more in-depth information on this groundbreaking design.
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Furutech Ag-12 High performance phono cable

R10,800.00R11,500.00 Incl. VAT
Furutech’s Award-Winning Pure Transmission Build Quality is immediately apparent in the construction of the Ag-12 Phono Cable. The Ag-12 Phono Cable achieves its remarkably quiet soundstage and transparent presentation with α (Alpha) silver-plated µ-OFC conductors, four‐layer shielding and external ground wire, even a specially engineered cable clamp to improve grip and avoid any potential distortion.
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