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AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) – Data & Power Noise-Filter

R1,990.00 Incl. VAT

Many tens of thousands of music lovers are already enjoying better audio enabled by the original AudioQuest JitterBug USB Noise Filter—plugged into cars’ USB jacks, laptop computers, USB "service-only" jacks on Ethernet Streamers, and more.

Now, JitterBug FMJ, with its Full Metal Jacket raises the stakes.

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AudioQuest JitterBug USB Data and Power Noise Filter

R2,090.00 Incl. VAT

Dual Discrete Noise-Dissipation Circuits

Reduces the noise and ringing that plague both the data and power lines of USB ports. Measurably reduces jitter, unwanted noise currents, and parasitic resonances. Packet errors are sometimes eliminated completely. Improves dynamic contrast, warmth, and resolution.
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