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Dali Oberon 5 – Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)

R14,390.00R17,990.00 Incl. VAT
The DALI OBERON 5 is the ultimate performer - combining DALI ideas, traditions, and inventions. It's a compact and elegant floor-standing speaker, housing 2 x 5¼” wood fiber-based woofers with SMC and the series’ wide bandwidth 29 mm ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter. This slim floor-stander will surprise with its ability to deliver a deep firm bass together with a clear and well-defined mid-range and airy high frequencies. The OBERON 5 will impress with its natural and lifelike reproduction of any music or movie soundtrack. What Hi-Fi? Awards 2020 winner. "Superb floorstanders, right up there with the best." - By What Hi-Fi? April 28, 2020  
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Dali Oberon 3 – Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

R11,990.00 R6,990.00 Incl. VAT
The larger stand-mount DALI OBERON 3 brings the best of both worlds. Combining the large sound of a floor-standing speaker with the compact design of a stand-mount. The ultra-lightweight 29 mm soft dome tweeter seamlessly integrates with the 7" wood fibre woofer for impressive highs, detailed and crisp mids, and surprising coherent and well-timed bass. All in all the OBERON 3 is a true showcase of DALI ideas, traditions, and inventions - all wrapped in an elegant and modern design.
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Dali Oberon 7 – Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)

R22,990.00 Incl. VAT
Contemporary Design The rounded edges and rustic fabric of these new DALI front grilles add a lighter and more contemporary
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