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AudioQuest Rocket 88 Banana Pre-Terminated Speaker Cable

R26,090.00R33,390.00 Incl. VAT
Rocket 88 incorporates AudioQuest's patented Dielectric-Bias System (DBS) and replaces Long-Grain Copper with solid Perfect-Surface Copper+. DBS offers a lower noise-floor, so you can hear deeper into the nuances of your favorite music. At the same time the addition of more PSC+ offers a smoother, more relaxed, and natural sonic timbre and texture.
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AudioQuest Rocket 44 Banana Pre-Terminated Speaker Cable

R15,490.00R20,790.00 Incl. VAT
Rocket 44 incorporates Perfect-Surface Copper+ into its blend of conductors. PSC+ has fewer grain boundaries, which reduces harshness in the sound. This carefully finessed combination of PSC and PSC+ enables Rocket 44 to deliver a clear and faithful presentation.
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QED Reference Silver Anniversary XT Pre-Terminated Speaker Cable

R2,950.00R4,510.00 Incl. VAT
Reference Silver Anniversary XT The multi-award-winning Silver Anniversary XT cable delivers superior performance for all your hi-fi and home theatre
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