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Ortofon SB-2 Stroboscope

R6,920.00 Incl. VAT
Ortofon SB-2 stroboscope and the matching light source are essential for anyone with a turntable to precisely tune the speed of the turntable's rotation for listening to vinyl and can be used with any turntable where you can adjust the speed, including by way of moving an external motor or with a speed box that allows for fine-tuning. This fine-tuning kit comes with a stroboscope record and light source. Simply place the stroboscope record on your turntable, turn on the motor, and fine-tune the speed whilst shining the light source onto the stroboscope record for an indication of when speed is correct. Includes rings for the setting of both for 33 rpm and 45 rpm speeds and a switch for testing speed on either 50 Hz or 60 Hz motors. As speed is a critical factor in getting the best sound from your vinyl, this is an essential analog accessory.
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