Bowers & Wilkins CT8 XO MKII Custom Theater Bass Management Controller (Each)

CT800 system active bass management controller


Working with world-leading audio component manufacturer Classé, B&W has developed a bass management system for the CT800 range whose clarity and power will leave you speechless. In conventional home theatre systems, the very low bass from the front and surround channels is often squeezed into a single subwoofer along with the Low Frequency Effects LFE channel. Contrast this with a CT800 system, where a subwoofer is actively combined with each of the front left and right channels, so that they are truly full range and preserve directional information to the lowest frequencies as intended. In fact you can assign up to 4 subwoofers to any of the front or surround channels. The single LFE channel is then distributed to all the subwoofers, giving a much more natural sensation of space and ambience. Even at very high volumes, the system retains consummate control over its output. All you have to do is hold on to your seat.


Description – CT800 system active bass management controller

Functions –

  • Bass / midrange crossover
    Subwoofer / bass crossover
    Low-frequency roll-off alignment
    High frequency roll-off alignment
    Wall proximity response adjustment
    Subwoofer in / out

Level adjustment for number of subwoofers 12V trigger switching for surround mode

Inputs – Line In (RCA Phono) 12V trigger (3.5mm jack)

Outputs – MF/HF Line Out (XLR & RCA Phono)
LF Line Out (XLR & RCA Phono)
Subwoofer Line Out (2 x XLR & RCA Phono)
12V trigger (3.5mm jack)

Rated Power Consumption – 20W

Dimensions – H 44.5mm (1U) W 483mm D 356mm H 1.75” (1U) W 19” D 14”

Weight – 8kg (17.6 lb)


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