Cambridge Audio C200 8 In-Ceiling Subwoofer (Each)

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Add power to your in-ceiling speaker array with a dedicated subwoofer unit; the Cambridge Audio C200B. POWERFUL, 8 INCH SUBWOOFER With many in-ceiling speakers becoming smaller, bottom end bass can be left wanting. With the Cambridge Audio C200B that’s no longer a problem! Thanks to the 8” bass cone, bass response is a match for most full size speaker systems. Simply add this dedicated subwoofer to your existing in-ceiling array and enjoy a fuller, richer sound with the power to party when required! PASSIVE UNIT FOR EASE OF WIRING – NO MAINS REQUIRED As the C200B is a passive unit, all that’s required for installation is standard speaker cable. Use either a dedicated amplifier or, where feasible, ‘Speakers B’ on your amplifier and enjoy deep bass without the need for power cable installation. MOISTURE RESISTANT CONE The large woofer cone is specially treated to be moisture resistant. This means that deep, powerful bass isn’t just available in your living and bedrooms but also your bathroom and kitchen, too! So now you can the fullest sound as you cook or wash! DISCREET, BEZEL-LESS FIT Despite its hi-fi quality sound, the C200B in-ceiling subwoofer doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. The bezel-less fitting provides a smooth and seamless installation that can hardly be any more discreet. The speaker grille comes finished in neutral white but can easily be painted to match or contrast with your ceiling. Hear the full musical story, without spoiling the style, with the Cambridge Audio C200B subwoofer.


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