Cambridge Audio SX-80 Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)

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Bringing you a big, room-filling sound, the Cambridge Audio SX80 speakers demand you to take notice. Powerful bass response Using two bass woofers and a large cabinet, the Cambridge Audio SX80s are no shrinking violets! Whether you’re into Drum and Bass, full orchestral or rock music turned up to ’11’, the SX80s deliver a powerful, full-range sound that does justice to the whole of the frequency response. Tailor the sound Need the speakers to be close to the wall and find the sound too bass heavy? Cambridge Audio has the answer. Supplied with foam bung inserts, the bass response can be ‘damped’ and toned down by simply inserting the bungs into the bass ports. Quality construction Made from dense MDF rather than flimsy chipboard, the SX80s are built to last. That solid construction also has a knock-on effect in helping to improve the sound quality through higher cabinet rigidity. Other neat design features that we love include the recessed drive units with hidden fixing bolts, making sure the front the panel looks every bit as smooth as the sound. Ideal for home cinema With matching centre and surround sound speakers available, the Cambridge Audio SX80 is ideal as part of a surround sound speaker system. The large size and powerful sound of these floorstanding speakers makes them perfect for front AV speakers. With a similar sonic balance to the other SX-series speakers you get a smooth, uniform sound right the way around your room for a totally enveloping sound.


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