Chord C-USB Cable

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Comparing different USB cables is very like comparing any other audio cables. The differences are very easy to hear. Pick a piece of music you know well, listen to it via a standard USB cable and then with the C-USB in place. Detail will be clearer, voices more natural and critically, music should sound more coherent and easier to listen to.

We understand the theory suggesting these cables should have no effect, but we don?t make cables unless they produce a better listening experience. Don?t take our word for it, however. Chord Company dealers will let you try one for yourself.

Heavy gauge, oxygen-free, silver-plated conductors. Low loss, gas foamed polyethylene insulation. Twisted pair data conductor configuration. Dual layer, high frequency effective shielding. Gold-plated plug and signal pins.

Available in 0.75m, 1.5m, 3m and 5m lengths

The C-USB design is an improved version of the award winning Chord Company USB Silver Plus


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