Pro-ject DAC Box RS High-End Digital/Analogue Converter

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DAC Box RS – ultimate state-of-the-art audio converter!

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The advanced DAC Box RS is a reference-class D/A converter for all kinds of digital stereo sound sources. It superbly acts as a superior USB audio interface for demanding computer audio, also features AES/EBU input and I²S interface for use with CD Box RS. For the engaged audiophile, we provide full DSD capability (up to DSD128) over PCM. All inputs fully support 24/192kHz HD music data (optical inputs 96/24) in fully asynchronous mode.

Additionally, DAC Box RS incorporates a pair of the best audio grade DAC chips, PCM 1792, which only can be found in expensive high-end designs. 2 different digital filter settings are selectable to meet your favourite sound preferences. Additionally, we realized that it also depending on customers’ taste and type of music/recording, what technology for the output stage is preferable. More warm and relaxed sounding with Tubes or Solid State Class A with limitless details and dynamics. The DAC Box RS has both options to select!

The whole audio circuitry design is ultra-low noise and ultra-linear with very low output impedance to avoid any negative interference with cables or pre-amps. Due to its class-leading audio performance, DAC Box RS is an ultimate high-end bargain!


  • Double top-grade PCM-1792 D/A chip from Texas Instruments
  • 9 Inputs: USB, AES-EBU, optical (Toslink), coax (S/PDIF)
  • 24bit/192kHz asynchronous USB (XMOS technology)
  • DSD (up to DSD128) capability (DSD over PCM)
  • I²S interface for CD Box RS (sonic2data transfer technology) with additional clock synchronisation port (BNC)
  • 2 selectable digital filter settings
  • Fully balanced analogue audio circuitry
  • The tube output stage & solid-state output stage (switchable)
  • Ultra linear & ultra-low-noise circuitry
  • IR remote control included
  • XLR & RCA line-level output sockets
  • DC power supply (< 1-watt standby power)
  • Full metal casing in silver or black

Technical Specifications

D/A-converter 2 x Texas Instruments PCM-1792
Sampling rates PCM: 24bit/192kHz
DSD: DSD128 (DoP)
optical: 24bit/96kHz
Selectable filter settings „steep“ & „optimum phase“
Digital inputs 2 x coax (S/PDIF)
2 x optical (Toslink®)
1 x USB B
1 x I²S
Precision clock output BNC (use with CD Box RS)
Frequency response 20Hz – 50kHz (+0/-1dB)
Output stages 6922 tube and solid-state (switchable)
Analogue out RCA/Cinch & XLR
Output voltage max 4V/ 2V (XLR/RCA) at 1k Hz
THD 0.005% solid-state out
0.25% tube out
Signal to noise ratio 100 dB
Power consumption <1 watt standby, 800/300mA max (tube/solid)
Outboard Power supply 20V/3A DC (included)
Dimensions W x H x D 206 x 72 x 210 mm with sockets
Weight 1890g without power supply


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